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Cannabutter Recipes

Cannabutter or Cannabis Butter is one of the most versatile methods of using cannabis in your cooking and digesting of cannabis. There are many different cannabutter recipes including herb butter, to garlic cannnabutter and even just plain potbutter. So many choices and they are all very easy.

How to make Cannabutter

When making pot butter there are a few things to remember so that you have not only a safe experience when eating your cooking but also to get the most out of your medicine.

  1. When heating your butter and cooking it is important to not over heat it as this makes the THC degrade. Research has shown that with the heating of the cannabis to a temperature of 122 °C (251 °F) for 27 minutes or more seems to be the most optimum temperature and process to activate the THC ad THCA rations that are needed in activating the active and desired effect ingredient from the cannabis plant.However with slow cookers the temperatures are not over heated and this makes the reason why you need to cook for longer and then the THC doesnt lose its effects over this time on lower heat.
  2. Dosages – When making weedbutter it is important to have a plan and an understanding of how strong your butter will be when finished.

Check out some of our contributors favorites below.

Cannabutter using dried

Simple and Quick pot butter Recipe

Simple Cannabutter Recipe

Cannbutter Slow Cooker Recipe

Slow Cooker Recipe – 8 – 12 hours

Cannabutter using fresh leaf

Easy, Quick Cannabutter with Fresh Leaf

Easy, Quick Cannabutter with Fresh Leaf

pic to come soon

Single Serve Microwave Cannabutter Using Fresh Weed

Ways to use your newly made Cannabutter

Cannabutter on Toast

Cannabutter on Toast

Yummy Garlic Bread Using Garlic and Herb Cannabutter – This is FREAKY GOOD!

Cannabis Garlic Butter Bread

Eggs with Herb Butter

Herb Cannabutter on Eggs and Toast

Cannbutter with herbs on Eggs and Toast

Cannabutter With Garlic and Herbs

Cannabutter With Garlic & Herbs

Cannabutter with Garlic and Herbs Recipe

Cannabis Butter With Herbs

Cannabis Butter With Herbs Recipe


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